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Her first owie

September 8, 2006

Well, once again, I am a bad mommy. In an effort to keep my child from scratching the crap out of her face, I whipped out the baby nail clippers last night to correct the problem. She finally has real nails now, in that they are hard enough that I can’t just peel them off anymore. *note to future mommies out there:* Just because they are made for babies does not necessarily make them safe.

Instead of clipping her fingernail, I clipped her fingertip. And for the record, she’s a bleeder. I had to tape a cotton ball to her little finger so that I could go to Target and get band-aids small enough to fit her wound (and even those were way too big). She didn’t seem to be bothered by it, but I feel absolutely horrible. It is entirely possible that I have, quite literally, scarred my child for life.

So it will have to be scratched face for a while, because I don’t even feel comfortable wielding the baby scissors around her and those stupid little mittens don’t stay on her hands. She slept with a sock on her hand last night to avoid the possibility of her discovering her fingers overnight, putting it in her mouth, and choking on the band-aid.

I did feel better this morning when I dropped her off at day-care and the girl told me that she had done the same thing to her kids when they were babies. I’m sure that you fellow mothers that read my blog will have similar stories as well. I suppose at the very least, it will go into the collection of stories I will admit to when she finally becomes a mother, just as my mom has been doing with me.


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