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I realized that I’m a liar.

August 30, 2006

A few weeks back, I bragged about having a perfect interview streak. As I drove away from my interview this morning, I realized that isn’t true.

A few years back, when I was trying to escape from the Big Red U, I went on an interview with an online jewelry company called Blue Nile. I wanted that job so bad it hurt. It was in the perfect location of downtown Seattle, with close proximity to Pike Place Market. The people were fun — they had beer night once a month after work!

I prepared for that interview as best I could. I spent hours going through their website so that I could speak knowledgably about their service and their company. I went in for my first interview and I knocked ’em dead. I went in for my second interview and managed to impress myself. When I got called back for a third interview, I thought, “Eunice, you’ve got this one in the bag.”

It wasn’t cockiness that failed me, it was nerves. My final interview was with the CEO of the company and that completely intimidated me. I had never interviewed with a CEO before. She had just returned from her lunch hour, where she had been shopping at Nordstrom. The sheer power of this woman I had to impress made me cringe. My nerves got the better of me and I botched it big time. I second guessed myself when I knew better and they ended up offering the job to the candidate “with more experience” than I.

With that said, I got invited for a second interview next week. We’ll see how that goes.


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