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And so are the days of my life

August 16, 2006

Well, things went well today with the interviews. I don’t have a new job though. The first one I had a good feeling about when I walked in the door and ran into the mother of the bride from our June 2nd wedding. She was so awesome and loved the work we did so much that she had tipped me out $200 that night. She told me that she’d be happy to give me a reference, whether it was for her company or another. So I knew that was a good sign. Then I met the sales manager and shamelessly dropped her name and things went well and he was about to hire me on the spot when I said that I was needing something M-F, 8-5 because I couldn’t afford evening daycare anymore. Well, turns out the schedule is 11-8 and that isn’t flexible. It’s okay, I guess I wouldn’t have enjoyed being a milk maid anyway.

The other one I about walked out on before it even started. You know it’s a bad deal when the company has full color marketing brochures printed up to hand out to prospective employees. It’s even worse when you find yourself proofreading it instead of reading the content. But, I let them waste an hour of my time so that I could be sure in my decision that I wasn’t interested.

Back to the drawing board, I guess.

In other news, my sister called me in tears tonight. She went to her 6 week postpartum appointment today and was diagnosed with severe postpartum depression. This didn’t come as a surprise to any of us, but she is completely devastated. I think moreso because getting help means she has to stop breastfeeding and it was really important to her to breastfeed as long as she could because her son weaned himself so early (6 months) and it’s bothered her ever since. If anyone has any advice they would like to offer that I can pass along to her, that would be great.


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