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How am I supposed to leave this cute face every day?

August 3, 2006

Well, it’s time. I have to go back to work. I don’t wanna. I don’t! I don’t! I don’t! Not because I really don’t know that I can stick around the joint for much longer (even though the wicked witch of the west is gone now, the company isn’t doing so hot financially, thanks to her) , so I have been looking for other jobs. Hopefully, I can find a good sales job that will allow me to work from home when I’m not making sales calls.

Really though, it’s just that I can’t stand the idea of being away from her, even for a minute. How women do this is beyond me. I wish that I had a choice in the matter; that I had a loving husband with a good job so that I could stay at home with this little one every single day, like my mom did with me. But that’s not how the cosmos have it working out — not yet anyway. So I just have to suck it up and deal with it.


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