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The “G”est ride

August 2, 2006

According to my dad’s crew, who stopped by my parents’ house earlier in the week, my new car is “G.” Whatever that means. If it means it’s cool, they’re right.

I’m still adjusting to being spoiled by little things like intermittent wipers and power steering. Oh, and have I mentioned the sunroof? Although it does mean that I now have a nasty sunburn on one shoulder after driving over the pass yesterday.

The biggest thing that I love is how well it drives. We made it home yesterday, safe and sound. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. Although we did narrowly miss a deer outside of Sagauche (pronounced Sa-wash). It wouldn’t have been my first, but I would have been devastated to total my new car. Well, if we made it that is. I don’t think my little car would have held up as well as my truck did. But that’s all beside the point. We’re here and all is well.

Alissa seems to enjoy her new seat in the car as well. I even got one of those little mirrors so that I can keep an eye on her while I drive. Although it’s because I was looking at her and not the road that I almost hit the deer. Well anyway, I love my car.

We took the scenic route home yesterday (which is the same way we went when my dad drove, but I didn’t see half of it because I was passed out in the back — and it was nighttime). It was a nice drive and 124 miles shorter than the boring route through New Mexico. My only complaint was getting bogged down by four trucks carrying large construction equipment coming over the pass, thus slowing us from the posted 55 mph to a whopping 23. That kind of sucked, and is how I ended up with the sunburn.

I only wish that I could have taken pictures while I drove, but since I was eager to get home, I didn’t think to stop and take any. Although I did wave at Chief Yellowhorse as I drove by.


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