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I saw the sign

July 14, 2006

I finally got to take my baby sign language class. I learned so much…not just about signing, but about how children learn and how elastic their minds are. I really think that, if anything, it will allow me to have the ability to help my daughter to learn better, even if she doesn’t end up learning sign language.

It’s kind of funny, I actually catch myself doing the signs as I talk — even when I was talking to my parents the other day. People will likely think me crazy, but hey. They say that’s the way to teach it, just incorporate it in during opportune moments and they will learn.

Although my daughter won’t be able to sign back for another few months since she doesn’t have the motor skills, she is learning it as I teach it, so one of these days, I’ll motion to her with my “what?” and she’ll motion back with “milk” or “play” or “sleep.” Anything else will just be too much, since that’s all she does right now. Unless she learns the sign for “poop.”


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