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Road Trip!

July 3, 2006

So most of you will probably think that I’m completely nuts, but the other day, my mom asked how I felt about going home to Flagstaff to be with my sister, who unfortunately, is still miserably pregnant. Without even thinking, I said, “let’s go.” So we loaded up the car, popped Alissa into her carseat and hit the road bright and early yesterday morning and drove the 750 miles to Arizona. At twelve days old, my baby has now been in three different states. She was quite the trooper too. 16 hours on the road (it takes me 10 – 1/2 by myself) and she would wake up to eat, and then hop back in her carseat and sleep. And boy was it hot — my mom doesn’t have a/c in her car. Bleah.

My sister just about died last night when my mom showed up on her doorstep. My dad and I waited outside and we could hear her up in her room crying. Then we went up and knocked on the door and I walked in and we both started crying. She was so happy. We’re hoping that’s all the baby was waiting for — nana, auntie and cousin to arrive. If not, they’ll induce her on Thursday because her placenta is already starting to calcify.

I met my brother’s new girlfriend too. She’s…interesting. He definitely has a certain taste in women. She seems pretty nice though. Waaaay nicer than his ex.

I love coming back home and seeing everything that’s changed — the big thing is that the overpass that they’ve been talking about building since I was a little girl is finally done. I guess all they’re waiting for is part of the land that they have to switch the railroad tracks to is privately owned and the guy that owns it died, so it’s still in probate. Once that clears, the road will be open. I don’t know if I’ll get a chance this week (we head back this weekend), but if not, I will be doing a photo tour of my life here in Flagstaff — all the houses I’ve lived in, the schools I went to, etc. I may even do a second series of all the things that I’ve seen change since I moved away. Even my parent’s house is different every time I come back. It’s always nice to be home.


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