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Before I know it, this kid will be off to college

June 30, 2006

I can’t believe that ten days have already gone by since I gave birth to my little angel. Where has the time gone? It’s incredible. The past ten days have been absolutely wonderful. Even the night that she had horrendous gas and we could not calm her down. For the most part, though, she’s a great baby. I love her. It’s amazing watching her little personality starting to bloom. She really is a character.

On the other end of the family, my sister is still miserably pregnant, just as I was two weeks ago. It doesn’t help that she has both her in-laws, my nephew and her husband, all crammed into a tiny apartment and they’ve been that way for weeks. My dad called over there and offered for the in-laws to stay with him at my parents house, just to get them out of her hair. She went to the doc today and is still dilated to three (has been for two weeks) and the contractions still trick her by getting really regular and then stopping. My mom and I decided that her mind is just fighting it because of all the stress right now, so if only she’d relax, we will finally get to see my niece.

After that, I’ll probably head to Flagstaff for a few weeks. I decided that I will not be going back to the club because they royally screwed me and no one has even so much as made a phone call to explain to me what’s going on. So I’ll be going down there on Monday to talk with them. I’m bummed since I absolutely love that job, but I guess it’s not worth it when you’re getting hosed at every turn. In the meantime, I’ll just continue to enjoy my wonderful daughter and not worry about all the rest of that stuff right now.


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