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I’ve found more trashy TV

June 25, 2006

I hate the BBC, I really do. I can’t say that there has ever been anything on there that has caught my attention. Ever. I don’t have anything against the British, it’s just that their idea of entertainment is so different from the usual crap I watch.

But today, as we were surfing through the channels, looking for something to watch, my mom and I came across footballers wive$. Talk about some addictive TV. One of the trailers for the show gives a tag that says, “Makes Wisteria Lane look like Sesame Street.” That is a fact. We seriously just watched almost four hours of the show and I must say I’m hooked. Yeah, I guess I should have been sleeping, but still. Nothing like a good guilty pleasure drama to watch, since I’m not sure if nip/tuck is ever coming back…


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