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June 19, 2006

In an attempt to take my mind off of the fact that I am still pregnant, I thought that I would write a little about the books that I have read, er, finally finished, the past few days.

The Sweet Potato Queen’s Field Guide to Men: Every Man I Love is Either Married, Gay, or Dead, Jill Conner Browne

A friend of mine gave me this book back in November, thinking that it would help me laugh away the woes of my recent divorce. That it did, but then I got involved in reading so many things that I never quite finished it. This book is hilarious. Even if you’re in a great relationship, you’ll enjoy it if you’ve ever been in a bad one. Or just because you’re a woman. One of these days, I’ll strike up the courage to go in search of my spud, but for now, I’ve enjoyed the tales of other women who ended up with men far worse than me.

Two Little Girls In Blue, Mary Higgins Clark

Okay, so I just started this one on Friday and finished it Saturday afternoon. That’s how my relationship with me and this author go. This is her latest novel (one comes out every year right around my birthday), and it’s a page turner all right. This particular book is about a pair of twins that are kidnapped and only one is returned, but by use of their twin telepathy, the authorities are on a frantic search to find her. Makes me want to check into the studies on twin telepathy. I got hooked on Mary Higgins Clark in high school when I was obsessed with multiple personality disorder. She had written a book with that as her foundation and my mom picked it up, thinking I would like it. That summer, I managed to check out and read every single book of hers from the library in less than a month. Over the years, I have collected each and every one and read most of them in one sitting. One Christmas, I read three in one night. If you like suspense, she’s your gal.

Girls’ Night In, Various Authors

I finished the last tale in this collection of short stories from popular chick-lit authors. I have to say that the only two I really liked were the ones by Sophie Kinsella and Jennifer Weiner, which are the two reasons I bought the book to begin with. Oh well.

Next up: The Orchid Thief, by Susan Orlean. If you ever saw the movie Adaptation, this is the book the movie is written from. So far, it’s pretty good. The DaVinci Code, by Dan Brown. Normally, I like to read the book before I watch the movie, but I figured that it was my last chance to see a film rated higher than PG in the theater for a while. Although I did see The Lake House the other day with my mom and I was sorely disappointed. I also need to finish Heart Full of Lies, by Ann Rule. My friend reads her stuff and says it’s awesome, mostly the one about Ted Bundy and the Green River Killer, and perhaps I should have started with one of those, because I just cannot get into this book no matter how hard I try. I picked this one up at the airport on my way home from Seattle last year. True crime novels have always intrigued me, but nothing I have ever read compares to And the Sea will Tell, by Vincent Bugliosi.

I have a whole shelf full of books that still need to be read, since one of the few things my ex and I had in common was being Half Price Books junkies. Nothing like getting a stack of reads for $20. But at least this little list will keep me entertained until I no longer have time to sit and read.


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