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The cute age

June 14, 2006
Kids between the ages of two and five are just the cutest. My dad took my little nephew to see Cars this weekend. He’s almost three, and my sister and brother-in-law have taken him to movies in the past, so they didn’t think it would be any big deal for my dad to take him to a movie.
Well, I don’t think that my dad was expecting it to be quite the adventure. They got to the theater, and he had to go to the bathroom, so my dad took him in. Then they sat down, but he wanted to change seats. So they change seats. Then he wants popcorn, so they get up and go get some, missing the first part of the movie. Then they come back and have to find new seats, which is not okay with my nephew. So they settle in and he has to go to the bathroom again. So they go. Then they get back and he sits down. Then he gets up and walks up and down the aisle. Then he has to go again — “number two, Papa” — so they go again. Then he decides to sit on the floor instead of the chair. Then he gets up and wanders the aisle again. He finally gets in his chair one last time and the movie is over.
As my dad is buckling him into the carseat, he says, “that was a really good movie, huh Papa?” My dad couldn’t help but laugh at that point, it was just too funny.

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