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This will so make me sound like the amateur that I am…

May 27, 2006

I have been given a breath of fresh air with my photography business. It really excites me. Aside from the projects that I am working on for the club (which will give me excellent exposure), the birthday party that I shot a few weeks ago can be deemed a success.

I logged into my photography e-mail last night to find an order confirmation from one of the party guests. It was the lady who referred me, and I was happy to see that she had ordered a few prints. Well, she didn’t order just a few, she ordered 26. While my pricing is still considered “cheap” by most other photographers, I still think that for just getting a couple of scrapbook-worthy snapshots, my markup is fair. I really do have to snap out of the habit of feeling greedy to charge so much for one measly little print.

In addition, people have actually been viewing the event as well. I have about 12 visitors logged so far. That really excites me. Regardless of whether I get any more orders out of it, just knowing that people are seeing my work makes me sublimely happy.


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