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The late night pregnant lady catches the gummy worm

May 16, 2006

For the past few months, I hear the question, “so have you had any strange cravings yet?” about once or twice a week. Then usually the interviewer follows it with their idea of a weird craving, typically involving pickles… pickles & peanut butter, pickles & ice cream, pickles & oreos…. These people don’t know the extent of my love of pickles, that I generally will sit and eat them out of the jar with a fork, but I digress. I haven’t had any weird cravings, truth be told. I guess the weirdest one was the craving I had to get a BBQ pork humbow from Uwajimaya. It’s not exactly weird, it’s just that travel to Seattle isn’t in the cards for the immediate future to obtain one. Other than that, my cravings have been pretty reasonable: vanilla ice cream, my mom’s spinach dip, mangoes, brie cheese (not supposed to eat large amounts of it because it could carry listeria or something like that), scalloped potatoes, a vanilla shake, and broccoli with lemon. Not all at once, just stuff I wanted from time to time.

But the other night, I about went mad wanting gummy worms. Not gummy bears, fish, or any other gummy creature, it had to be worms. Had to. It all started when I was watching the Gilmore Girls marathon on Fox family and Kirk explaining to Emily what mud pie was, with the chocolate, the oreos and the gummy worms for a finishing touch. It took me two hours to convince myself that it was worth leaving my house after getting comfy in my pj’s and ready for bed to get some frickin’ gummy worms. But after I couldn’t stand the torture any longer, I put on my jacket, grabbed my keys, and drove to King Soopers a few miles away, where I knew for sure they had gummy worms in the bulk food aisle. I wasn’t up for going on a mad hunt for gummy worms at 9:30 at night. I went in, got the worms, had a few, and felt infinitely better.

I still wonder why on earth anyone would find eating worm-shaped candies appealing. Why worms? I just don’t get that. But they sure are tasty.


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