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Well I managed to accomplish one of my life’s goals

April 20, 2006

Since I didn’t bother to get any of my errands or chores done yesterday or the day before, I just ran out really quickly to pick up a few things.

1) Sheets for my hide-a-bed that aren’t flannel. Apparently flannel and my mother’s hot flashes don’t mix.
2) Food so that my mom really believes me when I say that “yes Mom, I do eat. It’s just a coincidence that I never have food when you come over.”

Anyway, so I was standing in line at Albertson’s paying for my groceries when the lady behind me, a total stranger, says, “you are so cute pregnant!” Now the people I work with have been saying that for the past couple of months, but I figured they were just being nice. Who in their right mind would say something like, “pregnancy so does not flatter your figure…” and expect to live another breath of life? So to hear it from a complete stranger really validates that I am, in fact, a cute pregnant girl, which I always wanted to be.

And I might have the pictures to prove it here after the weekend. I told my mom that we are going to need a do-over from the last visit, since those were horrid. That, and I am having mommy-to-be portraits done on Monday. So one way or another, I will be able to show off my resident soccer player soon.

Okay, back to work. My house is still a mess and the ‘rents arrive in T minus 500 hours.


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