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Springing forward

April 1, 2006

I still do not get the point of daylight savings time. Having grown up in Arizona, where no such thing exists and life goes on just fine, I don’t see the point in changing your clocks twice a year. I really don’t. I know that the whole thing has to do with historical farmers and such, just like summer vacation for the kiddos, but the whole concept makes no sense to me.

I have to get up earlier tomorrow than I should have to. I value my hour. I love my hour. I don’t want to lose it. I don’t care that I’ll get it back in six months, I would rather have it now. Maybe I should buck the system and create my own time zone. Then again, those that know me would say that I already live in my own time zone. But I digress.

Maybe one of these days, talks of getting rid of daylight savings time will become reality. I just hope it’s after they give us an hour, rather than taking it away. Life is short enough as it is.


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