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Really running like a chicken with my head cut off

March 16, 2006

Never in my life have I felt like I have so much on my plate. I was completely stressed out today at work because the fact that I have a staff that consists of a few stars and a bunch of burned out bulbs bit me hard in the ass this morning. I realize that this is the case with most companies, but my personal situation seems to be compounded by the fact that I am now rendered unable to remedy the situation on my own.

I walked into work this morning at 7:45 to prep for two meetings we had today, one at 9 and one at 9:30. I had my grunt set up one meeting room yesterday afternoon and stage materials we needed for the other in the same room, as one of the HOA’s had a meeting in the other last night. The plan was to come in at 8, flip the room and both would be ready to go by 9.

Except that the 9 am meeting was moved to 8 and no one told me. Turns out, no one told anyone at the club, but they were all there waiting for me when I got in. This would not have been a big deal had my grunt done his job for a change and actually set up the meeting room completely as he was asked. I know that part of my issue with him is that he’s 19 and doesn’t care, but really, it’s wearing me down. If I don’t put on my instructions, “skirt the tables,” they don’t get skirted, even though it is on very RARE occasion that we send our tables to work naked. Not that it matters, since 90% of the time, he doesn’t do the little things that ARE on the instruction sheet, like setting out pen and paper.

So here we are, running around like morons, trying to get these rooms ready to go. We did it, but I hate working like that; it makes me nuts and I lose my mind. I don’t think that I stopped going for even a minute until about 11:30, when one of our salespeople brought me the lunch that I completely forgot I had ordered. The rest of the afternoon, my brain kept trying to catch up with me until I left (waaaaay past quitting time), praying that I hadn’t forgotten anything because I refuse to go in early tomorrow when I don’t have to work till 2. I even ditched out on class tonight, although I would have been horrendously late had I gone anyway.

Now that I’m home and my mind is slowing down, I’m wondering how I was physically able to work like that constantly without killing myself. Now that I have less energy, I’m realizing how insane I was to do so much in one day like I did before. Of course, I have been like this since high school, when my dad had to show me a video of myself at a football game, running from sideline (cheerleader) to endzone (band) to sideline (cheerleader) to stands (fundraiser) to field (band) to sideline again, in an effort to get me to quit a few of my extra curricular activities. Maybe I’m one of those people that thrive in chaos.

With that said, baby and I are going to go get a long night’s sleep.


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