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Ding dong, the moron’s gone

March 9, 2006

I don’t recall if I have mentioned much in the past few months on this topic, but since I started working full time at the golf course, we had hired a new sales director as well. Unfortunately, this guy didn’t get the concept of sales, since we ended up nicknaming him “Fuh Fuh,” which was short for “For Free.” Well, he was given an ultimatum yesterday, and he took the smart way out, which was to go away.

In the not quite three months that he worked there, he had managed to “sell” only 5 events, all of which were free and we lost thousands of dollars on. Our other two sales people (both new to the industry and one new to sales) have sold five events each per month through May.

All I have to say is that this should make my job easier, or so I am hoping. I’m still miffed about the fact that I was essentially offered a position in the sales department on a temporary basis to see what I could do and the next day, it was snatched right out from underneath me without warning. I was really excited to have that opportunity given to me, since it meant regulating my schedule and still being able to earn a paycheck while I am on maternity leave. I’m hoping that I will have another shot at it, but we’ll see. If not, I may have to re-look at my options here come summer. One day at a time, right?


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