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Things that make me happy

February 23, 2006

I’ve had a rough week so far, and it hasn’t gotten much better yet. But it’s funny how when I’m having a bad day, the most meaningless little things can make me happy and forget all my troubles.

Yesterday was the worst yet (I will likely blog about it more later, when I feel up to talking about what I’m going through right now). All I wanted to do was go home and cry, but I had to be at work and put on a happy face. I was doing an okay job of faking it until one of our bev cart girls came in with Girl Scout cookies. I asked her how many boxes she brought in, she had six, so I bought them all. Sweet bliss. Instantly, I was in a better mood and my smile was genuine.

I love Girl Scout cookie season. It brings me almost as much joy as Christmas. No matter how broke I am, I always manage to afford a box or two. My favorite are still the thin mints, right out of the freezer. My dad and I always used to fight over them, so we each used to get our own box. Then, as I got older, we each got two boxes.

The first year that I lived away from home, one of the ladies in my office was selling them for her daughter so keeping with tradition, I bought four boxes. Two for me, and two for my dad. I drove out to my parents’ house that evening with cookies in hand and pridefully announced that I had brought him a treat. I presented the cookies and he laughed.

Hurt, I asked what was so funny. He retreated to the other room and returned with an entire case of thin mints. He said, “I bought these the other day, since I know you’re kind of tight on money right now.” I reached in and started to take a couple of boxes and he said, “no, this is for you, I have my own,” and pointed to another case tucked away in the corner. This is one of the many reasons I love my dad. Thinking of that story brings a smile to my face. And so do the cookies that I am going to go eat while I watch TV right now.


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