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Knowledge Bowl

January 26, 2006

I am getting so excited to finish school. I can’t imagine if finishing in four years feels nearly as good as finishing in eight years, but I am absolutely thrilled to be done.

I met with my academic counselor this morning to discuss the process of completing my course of study, as well as what requirements I am still missing. As it turns out, it sounds like I can take fewer CLEP tests than I originally thought in order to fill in the gaps on my lower division credits (this is what happens when you transfer credits 400 times, those 3 credits suddenly become 2.67, then 2.33, then 1.98, etc…). Anyway, this means less money and less study time for me. I am quite happy about that.

However, it also means that for the next three weeks, it’s less TV time, less blog time (not that I blog nearly as much as I did a month ago), less sleep time, and less going out time if I am to pass these babies. If only I could learn by osmosis, I would put all the study guides under my pillow at night. Then I wouldn’t have to sacrifice nappy time.

I started global business tonight, and just as I suspected, sounds like it’s going to be a sleeper. I’m barely up on US business news and practices, much less those of major countries we trade with, so I can’t exactly contribute much to the conversation dynamic. I’m hoping that the next four weeks will be better, and that our team project goes well. We chose to research the possibility of introducing energy drinks into France. Should be fun, at the very least.

This is what it feels like to see the finish line on the horizon. Hopefully, I don’t trip on a crack and do a face plant into the crowd just before I get there.


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