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The honeymoon’s over!

January 18, 2006

Okay, not really. I still love my job, but I am a little frustrated right now. If there is anything that I need to learn, it’s patience. It’s something that I have been working on consciously for a long time and I still can’t quite grasp the concept. What I’m dealing with at work right now is testing my patience.

When I decided I wanted to take the job at the golf course, it was because it was a shot at my first ever managerial position, as well as that it was something creative and that I would have the freedom to run things as I saw fit. The job that I took was that of event manager, essentially, I am in charge of taking every single event and seeing to it that it goes off as flawlessly as humanly possible. In theory, this all sounds really grand. However…

…right now, all I’m doing is the same thing that I did all summer, which is showing up to set up for an event, work it, and then tear down. Except now I have to stretch what I used to do in 8-12 hours a week into 40. I couldn’t even do it last week, I think I made it to 31. It’s driving me bonkers. I have been assured that things are changing and that a formal process is going to be put in place that will ensure that each and every event becomes mine the minute a contract is signed, which means that I will be responsible for the entire event: the detailing, the coordinating, the staffing, the menus, everything. That is what I signed up for. I just want it to happen now.

I let my feelings be known the other day, after completing a task that normally involves two people over the course of about ten hours of labor in a mere four by myself. So hopefully, they mean it when they say change is coming soon. Otherwise, I hope that my patience will last long enough.


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