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So I love my new job

December 20, 2005

Aside from the fact that I was so tired come Sunday night, that I just plain fell asleep on my friend’s couch and didn’t regain consciousness until yesterday morning, I LOVE my new job.

Last week was completely zany and left me virtually no time to think, much less let you all know how it’s going. My two days off were quickly zapped when we had an add-on event for Thursday morning and two servers quit for Sunday brunch. Three holiday parties, two meetings, poker night, a wedding, and a Santa brunch later, I am still standing, so I know it’s gonna be okay.

I did spend a lot of time prepping for events and my whole week went smoothly, so I know I can handle the busy season when it hits in a few months. I had my plans down to a T. My logistical thinking allowed my to flip my room, by myself, 6 different times in a matter of hours each time. My efficiency did bite me in the butt come Friday, when the 150 fan folds I had done on Tuesday became obsolete when the bride told me she wanted french folds with the favors tucked in the pockets instead. Still, I was proud of myself for getting things done and making it through the weekend in one piece.

Saturday’s wedding was my favorite couple all year. They were so great and so nice and even their families were wonderful. The father of the bride was so happy, he was giving everyone hugs left and right, including me and the wait staff. They also tipped us out quite generously, which is on top of the 20% service charge that gets added to the bill.

The couple got married at a nearby church, and even though it was snowing all day Saturday, they rode from the church to the reception in a horse-drawn carriage. When they left, he picked her up and carried her out to the car. The bride and groom could not have been a more perfect couple. You could just see how happy and in love they are.

It was also my first night running a wedding, and it went perfectly. We didn’t have any problems getting food out correctly, I didn’t get any attitudes from the usual suspects, it was just a nice night all around.

This week is a little quieter, with one party on Friday and that’s it. So finally, I have my computer all set up and today, I managed to spend the whole day working at it. That was kind of nice after last week. I’d better enjoy it while it lasts.


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