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I can totally handle this

December 5, 2005

So Saturday night, the training wheels were off and I was set free to run the holiday party we had at the golf course. I got to retire my ninja costume and wear real people clothes to work for a change. I got to do my hair all pretty and I even *gasp* put on some make-up.

We had a dinner for 65 people planned and we showed up and began to dress the room and everything was going fine. That is, until we realized that there were a few details missing from the event sheet. Recently, our sales department has become notorious for leaving these things out with frightening regularity. Things like, they paid for a dance floor, but is there a DJ or band coming? If so, what time? Do they have centerpieces for the tables, or are we to set up our own? What time is the contact arriving? Of the three meal choices, how are we going to tell what each person ordered?

So basically, that means that I look like an idiot when they showed up and I started peppering them with these questions. Yes, they had a DJ, the centerpieces were in our sales office, and they had little charms for everyone’s place setting that were color-coded to tell us what the choices were.

But wait! There’s more! Instead of doing wine with dinner like what was on the event sheet, they chose to do drink tickets instead. Which meant that we had to pull the wine glasses off of the tables and let the bartender know what was going on. “Oh, and we have five additional people, is that going to be a problem?” Well, see when you confirm for 65, we make enough food for 65, but hey…let’s see what we can do. “And our DJ is only paid until 10 so we need to start dinner right at 7,” (she says at 6:50). “7? I have 7:30 for dinner. Not even 1/3 of the guests are here yet, are you sure you want to serve dinner at 7?” “Yes. Dinner was supposed to be at 7.” And just as I’m mentally plotting how I’m going to kill our salesperson, she says, “I guess I should have talked with her today and let her know of the changes!” I had to go into the kitchen just to avoid strangling the woman right there. Then, five minutes later…”can we push it back to 7:15?” And we ended up serving dinner at 7:30 anyway. All that stress for nothing.

After we got going, the event went really well. Well, until we ran out of $1’s and $5’s and I had to go to the nearby grocery store and get change. That sucked, mostly because I fell on the black ice in the parking lot three times just trying to get to and from my car. My booty is still a bit sore, even with all the cushion I have back there. It was also quite cold, which caused my washer fluid to freeze right to the windshield the minute it hit.

So last night, when I was talking to my boss about it, she said, “and this is why once you start full time, you’ll be taking over the event the minute the contract is signed so that you can get all the details.” That was music to my ears.


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