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And another one bites the dust

December 2, 2005

Well, I survived my marketing class, and unfortunately, unless the instructor has mercy on me, I am going to miss an A by a hair. Damn it. Oh well.

We worked really hard on our marketing project, which we did well on. One of the guys allegedly talked to Starbucks, who allegedly was interested in the idea (Egan, perhaps you can corroborate this if you hear any buzz?). I’ll believe it when I see it. But for the record, if you ever see a mobile Starbucks in front of your office…it was our idea.

So there are six classes to go. 30 weeks. 54 papers. 120 hours of instruction and I will finally have my bachelor’s degree done. I’ve only been working on it for 8 years…it feels really good though, I’ve gotta say. I am starting to get a little bit of burnout, but I can see the finish line, so I’m not going to let it drag me down.

I have one week to go at the bag gig, and twice now, I have had the opportunity of breaking free early get spoiled in the name of them wanting me to impart three years of knowledge on my replacement, who is out of the office until Wednesday. Hopefully, I will make it through the next week without wanting to put a bag over my head, since I’m just not dealing well with sitting here and goofing off, when I could be doing that at home.

I have another holiday blog post to put up, but first, I must make sure I haven’t already told the story. I don’t want to be like this guy in my office who literally tells the same stories every single day.


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