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So much to say, so little time

November 21, 2005

The problem with not blogging daily is that you inevitably end up with lots to tell. So go grab a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, beer, and make yourself cozy. I had a great weekend, which is pretty incredible, seeing as I had no plans on Thursday afternoon.

Friday night, I met up with some people from Denver Linkup, a networking/social group that I joined to make some new friends. It’s been fun being a part of the group since there are all sorts of things going on, from parties, to rock climbing to dinner, to concerts. All of the things I love and new people to do them with.

We met up at a place called Carmine’s on Penn, which is a family-style italian restaurant tucked away south of downton Denver. Being a total smart ass, I decided to kick it up a notch and valet my car. If only I would have remembered the line about not scratching it. It was a great place and the first thing I noticed about it when I sat down at the crowded bar was how everyone seemed to be at home. Then this family came in after me and the bartender greeted them all by name, started mixing their drinks, and the wife made a comment about the hostess getting a new hairdo. Forget Cheers. Carmine’s is the place where everybody knows your name. Dinner was fabulous, the company was okay. I didn’t really enjoy getting to know any of these people as much as I have in events past. Plus, it didn’t help that one of the girls looked like a brunette version of the woman my ex left me for, so it made the night a little difficult sitting across from her all night. We did finish off the evening with a dish of pumpkin spice gelato, which was to die for, so all in all, it was a good night.

Saturday, I spent the entire day (minus the three hours I was at the golf course for training) watching season 10 of Friends. Yep, I bought it the other day and watched it almost entirely in one sitting. This should communicate to those of you that don’t know what a nut I am when it comes to Friends.

Sunday, I got to go to the Broncos game with a couple of friends, and that was a good time. They had a friend visiting that went with us, and let me tell you this guy was so hot. I can’t even explain all of the dirty thoughts that went through my head the moment I saw him. I got over it, and we enjoyed lunch at ESPN Zone before the game and then walked over. Let me tell you that when it comes to tailgating, Broncos fans put Seahawks fans to shame. Although to the credit of those Seattleites, there isn’t exactly a place to conduct said tailgating…

The game was awesome, start to finish. Every time the Broncos scored, someone rode a white Bronco across the field. The fans were crazy wild, and every time they stomped the stadium floor, the whole place shook like an earthquake. And the sea of orange was almost blinding. It was a great time.

I gave my official notice at work today, and it went over somewhat well. I think that the girls in my office freaked out more than anyone else did. It felt good to have that burden off my chest for a change. I can’t wait to start the new job in a few weeks.

I am most definitely not getting an A in my marketing class. As of right now, it’s a mathematical impossibility. I can live with a B, but according to my current average, a C is more likely. I haven’t had a C since AP History my junior year. This is sublimely depressing.

I’m ready for Thanksgiving. I hear turkey and gravy calling my name.


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