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My brain is running wild

November 18, 2005

I have a mish-mash of random thoughts running through my head today.

I was in class last night and even though Marketing is way more fun than Finance was, I think this class is going to kill me. I didn’t do very well on my first two papers. One of my teammates said not to fret, that even if I did poorly on my individual work, and the team continued with our 100% work, the worst I’d get is a C. I hate that attitude. I can’t handle getting a C. A C makes me average, mediocre, barely skating by. I guess I’ll have to bunker down and really do a better job these last two weeks. I’m stressed because our class was moved to Monday because of the holiday, so I have less time to do my homework this week. It’s crunch time folks.

I was planning on spending the weekend relaxing and doing homework, but my life seems to change as quickly as the weather these days. I accepted the other job, which would have me working as the events manager at the golf course. I’m really excited about it and I start training tomorrow. This also prompted me to be forced to give notice at the bag gig today, when I was planning on waiting until Monday, but then our VP enrolled me in a sales training that I had forgotten about and so I had to speak up before they dropped $2500 this afternoon to send me to this thing. So now that cat is out of the bag…I feel like dancing though. This is a good choice. Yay me.

I’m kinda ready for the holidays. I almost put my Bing Crosby Christmas CD in yesterday. I need to decide on a dish to take to the Thanksgiving potluck I’m going to next week, since all the “regulars” are already taken. I guess I’ll spend some time digging through my collection of cooking magazines to make a decision.

I got invited to go to the Broncos game this weekend, which I am excited about. Even though I still hate the Broncos, and always will. I haven’t been to the stadium there at Mile High before, so I think it will be really cool. I’m going with this girl I met through Denver Linkup, which is basically a networking group that they have in the major cities. I love it. The people are really great and I’m making some new friends, which is nice, seeing as the friends I had when I moved here all turned out to suck. I’m really excited about the prospect of expanding my social circle and having things to do with new people.


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