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November 3, 2005

I saw this on Heather’s blog and since I’m still starving for inspiration today, this will have to do:

First best friend: My next door neighbor growing up, Kimmee. We used to play until what I thought was all hours of the night, but turns out that really, it wasn’t all that late. I remember how every year when the Wizard of Oz would come on TV, we would have a sleepover and our moms would make popcorn on the stove and we would curl up in our sleeping bags on the living room floor watching.

First Car: This is somewhat embarrassing, but my first car was a Renault station wagon. It was a piece of crap. I think there were only like two in existence. The thing ran like crap and parts were rare and expensive. My sister did it a favor when she totalled it. This is the sedan version of the car:

First kiss: Justin Heynekamp, in 6th grade. He was my neighbor and we used to play Monopoly for DAYS at a time. Seeing as we were the only two families that lived in our neck of the boonies (outside of Reserve), we spent a lot of time together. We were playing on the sand pile that the construction company had put on his family’s land and it just sounded like a good idea. I still have (and wear) the gold heart necklace that he gave me for Christmas that year.

First big trip: When I was 7 and we drove to Colorado for the first time. My dad had work to do, my mom was pregnant with my brother, and I counted to 1000 all by myself. About drove my dad crazy. It was also the first time I got car sick. I threw up in a Smokey the Bear litter bag and then again in the Colorado River.

First flight: I know I flew when I went to Massachusetts when I was a baby, but the first I remember is when I was 10, we flew to Georgia to visit my grandparents. We flew out of Albuquerque and changed planes at DFW and then again in Jacksonville, FL. Then we got off the plane and drove straight to Disney World.

First time skiing/snowboarding: I can’t remember if I was 10 or 11, but it was a youth group ski trip that I got to go on when we lived in Reserve. We drove into Arizona and skiied at Sunrise. I spent the whole morning on the bunny hill with my dad, and in the afternoon, I went on the chairlift and I was so excited. My first time snowboarding was at Mt. Bachelor a couple of years ago, and it was a miserable experience. There was 18 inches of fresh powder and it was super windy, so the visibility was horrible. I got so frustrated, I actually cried and told my ex (it was our anniversary, the last one we celebrated) to go find ski patrol because that was the only way I was coming off the mountain. I finally got the hang of it, and right at the end of my last run, I fell and pulled my rotator cuff.

First Alcoholic Drink: Corona. A whole six pack. Some Coors Light, a few Red Dogs (do they even still make that?), a shot or two of butterscotch schnapps, and something else. It was freshman orientation week at Adams State College, and one evening, instead of going to casino night, me and all my new friends locked ourselves in the dorm room and got drunk. There were a few problems to this scenario: 1) it was a dry campus, so had we gotten caught, we would have all been expelled. 2) we were all underage. 3) everyone but me had math placement tests in the morning. I had a scholarship audition that I had prepped four hours a day for six months. The next morning, it was hangover city, and three of the girls missed the test. My audition went fine, I got my scholarship, but when I fell asleep in the car on the way home that afternoon, my brother got a whiff of my breath and was like, “peeyeew, what did you eat?!” When I arrived for school, everyone remembered me as “the drunk girl from Raft the Rio.” What a way to start a new reputation.

First ticket violation: Haven’t had one yet *knock on wood*, but I’ll be sure to post about it when it happens.

First job: Waitressing at Denny’s. I got it because my dad told me it was time to grow up and be responsible, so he grounded me until I got a job. I was determined because it was my senior year and I really wanted to go to my last MORP dance (backwards prom). This lady at our church was the GM at that store and let me have a job. I started the day before my 18th birthday, and by the end of the summer, I was working at all three stores in Flagstaff putting in about 18 hours a day. I was making great money, but it burned me out real fast. I got hired at Target for the holidays, so I told Denny’s that I had strep and never went back. I still don’t know why I did that.

First date: I’m not sure what it was, but I’m sure it was with Jeff Anderson, my high school sweetheart. We had the most pathetic off & on relationship for three years. He was the tallest guy in school (6’11” when we broke up) and the brother of one of the most popular girls. My parents didn’t like him because he was Mormon, and he evenutally broke up with me because I wasn’t.


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