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Chocolate volcano

October 25, 2005

It appears that I am not destined to enjoy my hot chocolate this afternoon.

My office is still freezing, even though I was promised that my office was the hottest one in the building during the winter. So I bought a box of hot chocolate and keep it tucked away in my desk for days like today. It’s 70 outside, but I’m freezing and I want hot chocolate.

I have long had this science to the art of making instant hot chocolate in the microwave era. You have to boil the water first and then add it to the mix, you just can’t do it the other way around or it gets lumpy. So I never follow the package instructions. Until today.

We don’t have a measuring cup or even an extra cup for me to boil water in, so I had to do this one cup thing. Further proving my usual method, the cup of hot chocolate exploded in the microwave, leaving chocolate everywhere. After cleaning my mess, I decided to boil the water and then add the mix to it after the fact, choosing to live with lumps.

I got back to my desk, poured the mix into my cup of hot water, began stirring, and the whole thing exploded all over my desk. Now that I have cleaned that up, I am attempting to drink what’s left of my watered-down hot chocolate mess. If only I were at home, I’d add some peppermint schnapps to make it a real treat.


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