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This is where I draw the line

September 24, 2005

Yesterday afternoon, as I finished up my day at the bag gig, my phone rang, and it was Gina, my boss from the golf course. I didn’t want to answer because I was looking forward to the first Friday night I have had off in a very long time, and I had made plans to go out with WTR later on in the evening. I answered the phone with “you seriously don’t want me to work tonight, do you?” and she laughed and said no, but that a bunch of people were meeting up for drinks and she wanted to know if I wanted to go. I told her I had plans at 10, and she said that I could meet them at 8, have a couple of drinks, and still be on time for my date, so I agreed, knowing that it wouldn’t go that way.

I went home, tidied up the house and got ready to go and headed over to the bar. I knew that they would be late; they are my friends, after all. So I shot to arrive around 8:15, and when I got there, they hadn’t arrived yet. This particular bar tends to get really packed on Friday nights, I sat out front to wait for them when this guy approaches me and starts talking to me.

Being polite, I made idle chit chat with him and he asked why I looked so mean. It didn’t dawn on me until later in the night that this is probably his “line.” Tell a girl she’s mean and she’ll defend herself trying to prove that she isn’t. My friends didn’t show up until 8:45, so I sat there talking to him for a good half hour and I was really uncomfortable the whole time. He kept making comments about how “you almost got yourself kissed there, with those pouty lips and all.” And how I had cute feet (which I don’t, my sister will attest to that) and a whole bunch of crap that I wasn’t in the mood to listen to. What got me most is that even though I made mention of meeting my “boyfriend” later, and he acknowledged it, he didn’t quit pushing me. When my friends arrived and he asked for my number, I just said it was nice talking and walked away.

We then went up on the rooftop and enjoyed a few rounds of drinks, and this dorky older guy, Gary, used the line of having been “stood up” by his friend, and could he join us? I don’t know what she was thinking, but Gina says, “sure! sit right on down!” and as our group began to fizzle, Gary stayed and we made fun of him for having been stood up, and he continued to take it, to my surprise. I kept thinking about how lame even Gary’s line was. Sure, maybe his friend did stand him up, but I think that was his line to join in with a group of rambunctious, drunk women.

Finally, I told the group I had to go, since I was now almost two hours late to meet WTR, and he was calling and texting me left and right, asking where I was. I met up with him and his crew, and we hung out for little while longer before I hit my crash and burn point and it was time for me to head home.


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