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Things I miss about Seattle

September 21, 2005

Aside from my friends, of course, there are some things that I really do miss about Seattle.

The Market. There is nothing like Pike Place Market. Part of the reason I wanted the job at Blue Nile was so that I could wander around down there on my lunch (and Julia will rub it in that she can do this now). The best chili I have ever had was at the chili place there by the brewery, but it gave me such raunchy gas that I was forbidden from eating it again.

Taco Time. I miss their chicken tacos and hot sauce. I’ve had a craving for months.

Jack in the Crack. Seeing my ex make out with his new girlfriend in front of one didn’t scar me for life, I still crave it every now and again.

Puget Sound. It’s really pretty, and I miss the smell of the saltwater as I walk along Alki beach.

Rainier Photo. The best photo supply store I’ve ever been in. I never was able to find Glazer’s, which is downtown, because their sign is posted in the middle of an empty parking lot and the actual store always eluded me.

A 4-mile commute. I miss it the most when I’m late for work. In other words, on a daily basis.

Uwajimaya. I still haven’t found the Asian market that allegedly exists out here.

The Space Needle. Denver doesn’t have any cool landmark like that.

The Pyramid Beer Garden. Baseball just isn’t the same without a few Curve Balls before the game. (I didn’t intend for that to rhyme)

My hairdresser. I have continued to be too scared to let anyone else touch my hair. She’s the only stylist I have ever had that got a handle on my wild mane.

Bubble tea (sans bubbles). I can’t find that, along with the Asian market. My guess is if I find one, I’ll find the other.

An abundance of drive-thru coffee houses. Er, coffee houses in general. I added this one after I left work and went in search of a coffee place, even though there is *one* Starbucks a mile from work, I just didn’t want to drive out of my way. Only one though, and that really sucks. In my former four mile commute, I had 6-8 drive-thru coffee stands and 4 Starbucks I could stop at on my way to work. I miss being able to walk in downtown Seattle and happen upon a coffee place just as you finish your last cup. It’s mighty convenient.

Being able to buy wine and decent beer at the grocery store. Damn liquor laws. At least the liquor stores are open ’til midnight ’round here, but still. It’s a pain in the ass. So with that, I must also add…

Bottleworks. The best beer store on the face of the earth for all you beer snobs like me.

Fremont. Ahh, the self-proclaimed Center of the Universe is like no place I have ever been. It’s like walking into a living rendition of Oz, everything is just a little off, but in a fun and quirky way. Plus, they have a troll.

Okay, I need to stop updating this. One thing just leads to another…


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