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My Perfect Day

September 13, 2005

I was tagged by Pam to describe my perfect day. In turn, I tag Julia.

I would wake up to the smell of coffee that is brewing in my kitchen. I would get up, shower, and enjoy my coffee as I got ready for my perfect day. It would be a beautiful Colorado day, blue sky and about 80 degrees.

I would pack up my brand new Canon Mark II and head to the mountains. I would bike around for a bit, enjoying the day and taking pictures. I’d stop and enjoy the picnic lunch I packed for myself and then I would head back down to the city.

When I got home, I would receive a phone call to be ready for a nice dinner by 6 pm. Then I would lay by the pool and read for the rest of the afternoon. I would go home and get ready for this mystery dinner. My hair would cooperate and when I was done, it would look like a professional had done it. My dress would fit perfectly and my shoes would match.

At six on the dot, there would be a knock at the door and a driver would take me to Maggiano’s, where all of my friends and family were there to surprise me. We would enjoy a spectacular dinner and we would then leave for the airport, where we would fly to Vegas to party like rock stars for the night.

I would win some money on the craps table and not get thrown out of Harrah’s or show my butt to a limo driver. We would have a great time, and the next morning, I would wake up and would not have to pinch myself to make sure it wasn’t all a dream.


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