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Are you ready for some football?

September 8, 2005

Lesson to the boys: don’t put a girl in charge of creating a fantasy team unless she knows football.

Last night, we had our fantasy football draft for the crew at the golf course. There are 8 teams. I was chosen to be captain of Team Ninjee (the name was derived because this is the banquet staff’s team and the pro shop manager calls us ninjees). I seriously think putting a 2 year old in charge of our team would have been a better choice. I know nothing about football, much less knowing which players have great stats, making them great fantasy picks.

I drew 7th pick. So it’s not like I had a shot at getting all the best players, even if I knew anything about them. For the most part, I just looked at the list and picked names each time my turn came up.

I did choose a couple of players because I knew their names, Tom Brady (Go Pats!), Marshall Faulk (who’s Faulk? It’s no one’s fault.), and the pick I will never live down, Eric Moulds. I chose him because in his attempt to convince me to be a Bills fan, one of the reasons Kevin gave me was that “Eric Moulds is a frickin’ stud.” I figured that being so awesome and all, he’d be a good pick. Well, now that I’ve been dubbed “Mrs. Eric Moulds” by the league, Kevin admits to me that he’s not a good fantasy pick (and that my team sucks). We shall see…


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