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Hey Mr. DJ, put a record on

August 19, 2005

So after class last night, I met up with the DJ, finally, to hang out. He was working a gig out at TGI Friday’s right up the street from school, so I drove down there and he was finishing up, so we hung out and had a few beers. He was all impressed that I drink beer. I didn’t bother getting into the fact that I really know a lot about beer, I didn’t want to shock him too much. He practically fell over when I ordered a Fat Tire.

When I was walking into the restaurant, I recognized one of the cars out front as being the one of my self-centered, high maintenance ex-friend and I thought to myself, “well this should be interesting.” I haven’t seen her since May, and she responded to my quick “Happy Birthday” note I sent her a few weeks back excited to hear from me and asking how I was, but I simply said, “great. I’ve never been happier,” and left it at that. I don’t want her in my life at all. Too much drama. She was there with her friends, the ones that she said I was mean and rude to, and I don’t know if she saw me or not, but she didn’t say anything. I could have mustered polite if I had to, but I was glad to be left without that confrontation. I do have to see her in a couple of weeks, since we had bought baseball tickets way back at the beginning of the season for a game, and I’m going to go, even though she will be there. I don’t hate her, I just don’t like her, and I wonder what I ever saw in her as a friend to begin with.

The DJ sounds like a fun guy. I have no clue how old he is, although he asked me how old I was, and I told him. He was actually checking to make sure that I was old enough to have a few beers. I have a feeling that he’s younger though,. He still has that carefree, “why not?” attitude about things, something I miss having about myself. What I mean by that is that he invited me to go to Prague with him in November and I said, “I really can’t,” and he said, “why not?” and I tried to explain the things about obligations to my job and school, etc., and he said, “so why not?” He also invited me to spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s in Thailand. I know that he was serious, and there’s something exciting about that. He’s going to try and get White Stripes tickets for Monday’s show here. I guess that’s one of the perks of being a DJ. I think that it would be awesome to go to the show.

He’s not really into sports other than surfing, mountain biking and snowboarding, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I still would like to find a guy that I can watch basebell with every summer. I think I may make that a requirement. I don’t know that I can handle a guy that doesn’t like baseball. Not to say that he hates it or anything, but I don’t want to go to another baseball game with a guy that has to ask if they flip a coin to decide who goes first.

The thing that I’m having trouble with is meeting people and talking about my new life without bringing up too much of the past right off the bat. I don’t want to scare anyone away. Since I just moved here, the most popular question is, “what brought you down here?” I don’t know that a first date is the most appropriate time to say, “well, I divorced my husband and finally got to come back to where I want to be.” Or when they ask about why I moved to Seattle, “well, my ex-husband and I moved up there for a new adventure before we got married.” I’ve learned to modify most of my stories to “I learned how to snowboard in Oregon,” or “when I was visiting Florida,” and just kind of leave out who I was with. At the same time, I don’t want to hide that from people either. This whole dating after marriage thing is kinda weird.

He wanted to stay out way later than I had the energy for, so I said goodnight and headed home around 11:30 or so and went to bed.


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