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On being a bag lady

August 9, 2005

This gig isn’t exactly the most exciting, but I have a tendency to bust out uncontrollably with my knowledge of the plastics industry at the most random of moments.

Case in point:

I was at Target yesterday, and the checker was having such problems with the bags. Target uses a low density film as opposed to the traditional high density film used everywhere else. It costs more, but it looks nicer, and if you’ve ever had the corner of a box pop right through your bag and watched your groceries befriend the ground, most consumers appreciate this too. Because I do this for a living, I always notice when stores change their bags, even if they downgauge (make thinner) them a little bit. They had downsized them a little and they were blocked (stuck together, hard to open) soooo bad. The lady in front of me made a comment about how much they sucked, and I was like, “looks like they are short-sizing so they can keep the better quality film, it keeps the cost down.” She of course, looked at me like I was nuts and so I had to follow up with, “I sell bags for a living.”

If you think that’s bad, you should have seen me in my food packaging days, when I would see bloated packages of chicken and wonder aloud if the person that did the gas flush knew what they were doing.


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