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Observations from a disgruntled student

August 4, 2005

There’s a narcoleptic girl in the computer lab with me. As I sit, working on next week’s homework assignment, every few minutes, she falls asleep and begins to snore. Then she wakes herself up, continues to work, and then it happens again. It makes me wonder how on earth someone with such a disorder can function in life. How does she get through her four hours of class each week? Can she drive herself here? How does she make it through the work day? I don’t know much about narcolepsy, but it seems that this would create a really difficult time for a person in life.

I have a guy on my learning team this class that I just can’t stand. He’s one of those people that’s too friendly, as in, when he interacts with you, he means well, but has a way of making you feel uneasy. I didn’t like him from the moment we met. I was early to class, and as the first one in the room, I chose my seat and was reading my book. He came in and sat down right next to me, of all the chairs he could have chosen, he chose the one next to me. I found this odd, because typically, most people would choose not to sit next to someone if there are open seats. That’s just how we are. That didn’t bother me so much as then having to force a polite smile and acknowledge him, and attempt to continue on with my reading. Clearly, the fact that I was engrossed in my book was not going to keep him from attempting to engage in conversation. This of course, irritates me to no end, so why should it be any different with him? After five minutes of this, I put my book away, clear that he’s not going to let me enjoy my time to myself, rather force me to talk to him. Through this, I learned that he’s still got a chip on his shoulder from being laid off by his former employer three years ago (“as a result of downsizing, I’ve moved on to…” as he says), and is now a retail clerk at Lowe’s. I’m sorry about your bruised ego, but at the end of the day, be thankful you have a job.

He ended up on my learning team, by luck of the draw, as we were the two that didn’t come into the class with an established learning team. I was okay with it, until I realized what a total and complete moron he is. This guy seriously cannot articulate an idea without taking 15 minutes to do it. Plus, he makes no sense half the time. Last night, I wanted to punch him square in the face after his comment. He asked the team if we could stay for five quick minutes after class to discuss next week’s assignment. He said he had some ideas that he wanted to throw out to the group. So I said, “sure, what are you thinking?” “well I don’t know yet.” How can you throw ideas on the table when you have none? Last week, after pointing out that he had completed the part of the assignment that was assigned to someone else (in addition to his own), he said, “our team has horrible communication.” Apparently, he failed to read the e-mail that I had sent clearly outlining each member’s role. So I responded with, “can you please elaborate on that sentiment, because I disagree, I think our communication is great. He never responded. I have no problem that he feels that way, but if you’re going to make a comment like that, back it up! I didn’t tell him that I delete about 90% of the e-mails he sends because they are stupid and useless (“just confirming receipt of your message, will respond accordingly.”). I’m a busy girl, I don’t have time for that crap. Julia will understand what I mean by saying that he’s a lot like “Sneakers” at The Big Red U. Thank god there’s only two more weeks of putting up with him.

Another guy was complaining last night about getting dinged on his homework assignment for failing to use outside resources. Well dude, hate to break it to you, but that’s part of the point of the program. All I could do was respond with, “that sucks…” because to say, “why expect an A when you’re not producing A work?” didn’t seem very nice.

One of my coworkers pointed out yesterday that I don’t seem to get along with any of my teams and suggested that maybe it’s me. (Preposterous, I say) Most of the teams that I have been on, I get along great with. In the ten classes I’ve taken there, I can think of only three that were truly bad. I know that I’m not going to get along with everyone, and I play nice, even when I want to choke them. It doesn’t make it any less irritating. I had an instructor a few classes ago that listened to me vent my frustration with people, and he said that I’m brighter than the average UOP student, and I need to bear in mind that a lot of these people aren’t used to being in school still, and that’s where a lot of it comes from. So I’m really trying to be more patient and less crabby about it, but it’s so hard when you just want to knock some common sense into these people.


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