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Family fun

July 29, 2005

So I got a call from my mom last night. She and my dad are coming to town in September because my dad has a seminar here in town. I’m really excited about seeing them. I haven’t seen them since I moved here. See, unlike someone’s parents, mine actually let me know when they are going to be in town (I still find humor in your pain about that). When I first told my parents that I was moving to Seattle, er, reinforced that the rumor they heard was true, my dad was worried that they wouldn’t get to see me all that much. Fact is, ever since I moved, I have seen them about three to four times a year. I’d say that’s pretty good. Even my dad said that he was impressed by that, since he figured he’d never get to see me. Usually, I would go home for a quick weekend trip, and a few times a bit longer.

What I like about this visitation plan is that it allows me to have only quality time with my parents and we have a great time, and they go home and we are all happy. No fighting, no nit-picking, no crabbiness. It’s nice. My mom and I have gotten along way better since I moved way far away.

This means that I probably won’t go home in September like I had planned, but will probably go home for Christmas instead. Which means that I can cook Thanksgiving dinner this year!


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