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Favorite cuisine

July 28, 2005

Heather wanted to know what my favorite food is. I have been thinking about it for a few days, and that is such a tough question. You see, I love food. I really do. Food is my friend. It is not common for me to miss a meal at all. I can think of a bunch of stuff I don’t care for very much, but struggle to define a favorite dish to eat.

Someone speculated that it’s chicken parmigana, which I do love. There’s a restaurant in Flagstaff called Mama Luisa’s that has the best. We usually go there as a family for either my dad’s birthday or some other special occasion. The last time I was there, I took my ex, and I remember looking so hot that night. We had just started dating and I wanted to share this special place with him. Ahh, good times…

Anyway. Food. I started off thinking about things that I crave. It’s one thing to really crave something, it’s another for it to be your favorite. For example, I crave chicken panang at times, I even had the restaurant on speed dial in my phone before I dropped it in the lake, but it’s not my favorite above all.

Then I was trying to think of this in the way that if there was only one food I could eat every single day for the rest of my life, what would it be?When I was in high school and the first year or so after I graduated, I used to eat spaghetti every single day. Part of that was because I ran track, and we would have these huge spaghetti feeds right before a big meet. So I was already used to it. Plus, I was really trying to figure out how to make a good marinara without using a cookbook. Some days, it was just pitiful, others, pretty good. I never quite got there. So I decided that maybe I shouldn’t look at it like that, because I could eat spaghetti every single day and never bat an eye, but it is most definitely not my favorite.

Instead, I decided to think about things that I liked, and what is something that would depress me never to eat again. And I’m seriously drawing a blank. All I can think about was how devastated I was to move to Washington and not be able to get my Sonic coney dogs anymore. And now, I miss the Taco Time chicken tacos from up there. I can’t win. But that would be so sad if my favorite food was fast food.

Or there’s always my favorite thing to cook, which is the sour cream chicken enchiladas that I make. I love those, and I make them a few times a year. I’m even figuring out tricks not to burn my fingers off when I roll them up and get them in the pan.

I don’t even have a favorite type of food. I love Mexican, I love Italian, I love Chinese, I love Thai, I love American. I love seafood, I love meat, I love vegetables, I love cheese. I just plain love food. Wow, this post is making me hungry just trying to type it.

Oh the choices…there are so many things that I love to eat. But I must narrow it down and answer the question. If I were to walk into a restaurant where anything my heart desired was on the menu, I would choose…chili. I love chili. It’s good on so many things. Hot dogs, fries, baked potatoes, frito pie. And it’s always good by itself. And there are so many ways to make it that can make it so different. Plus, it’s best when you add another favorite: cheese. Yum.


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