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July 24, 2005

Since I’m such a google fanatic, I saw this on Julia’s blog and had to check it out: will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything!

Here are a few of the interesting things it came up with for my name.

eunice is a “memory fairy” by doug harris eunice she uses her magic wand to help those who still have it all together
eunice is a town of approximately 14
eunice is indiscriminate
eunice is pretty proud of herself
eunice is to serve the needs of its constituency in keeping with the mission of the overall louisiana state
eunice is a greek name that is a derivative of the name nike
eunice is walking along the highways of northern england from one filling station to another
eunice is a case in point
eunice is just too much (always)
eunice is the place to find good friends
eunice is participating
eunice is one such artist
eunice is an animated and spirited person who is deeply reflected in the core of her art
eunice is an oil town in southeastern new mexico
eunice is an obviously sociopathic serial killer who inexplicably seduces miriam and draws her into her violent and transient existence (really?)
eunice is now a resident at lakewood care center in denver
eunice is an entirely unpredictable and dangerous enigma (I like to keep things interesting)
eunice is too nice to be a vanna white
eunice is valued at $580 (hmm, would have thought I was worth more than that)
eunice is like a walking ad for a bondage magazine (nice!)
eunice is my actual name
eunice is still working on confirming the participation of the judge for the photography contest
eunice is a very lively person with a cheerful character
eunice is 25 inches tall and her body is an old chair spindle
eunice is wearing her “coat of many colors”
eunice is not in the dictionary


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