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The next Annie Liebowitz

July 9, 2005

It looks like my photography might just start taking an upturn. I’m so excited.

I would like to expand into portraits one of these days, but for now…

I got a call back from the Wicked Mag guys, who I did the CORE shoot for over Memorial Day weekend, and they loved my photos (I’ll have to weed through them and put some of the good ones on my flickr, I didn’t think they were all that great, personally), so I sent off a disk to them last week. I don’t get paid, but the best that will happen is I will get published in their magazine and then I’ll have an actual paper copy of some place my work is published. Seeing as the Colorado Bunnies seem to have gone out of business as their site is down and the guy won’t return my e-mails, I can’t use them as a reference any more.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not, but I did book another wedding for next month, and I’m currently working to get one for September as well. I’m so excited. The best thing of all was that I was at work today, and the banquet manager mentioned that she noticed that the couple had no photographer there, and that they probably hadn’t paid for one to do the reception. So I mentioned that I usually cover both, and she was surprised to learn that I do that. She told me to bring in some images to add to their services directory at Canterberry. That would be awesome to get hired on for that because I love it, and it’s so much more fun than clearing plates and serving cake.

I’ve also enlisted my mom to send me some of her handmade photo albums to use for the weddings. I think that’s really cool that she’s willing to do that for me. My mom is an amazing artist, I wish that I had half her talent.

The really exciting part is that I’m going to have my very own website. A real one, not one of the free ones I’ve done through Comcast or AOL. I think that’s so cool. I’ve asked my friend Eric, owner of, to design it for me. I hope that he is willing to, as I really like his work. I could ask my brother-in-law to do it, but I really don’t want to. He’s doing my mom’s site, so I guess that’s all the family business he’s going to get.


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