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Bad company

June 27, 2005

There’s nothing that will ruin a good time more than trying to have it with someone you can’t stand.

My boys, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, played a show in Vail this weekend. Since they are one of my all-time favorite bands, I, of course, had to make the 2 hour drive to see them play. They are worth it, I promise. I had gone to their last show in April with Sunshine and a friend of hers, who decided to try and put the moves on me that night, which bugged me for two reasons: a) I don’t know why, but I get so offended by men that are that forward if I’m not into them, and b) his timing couldn’t have been worse, he grabbed me and laid one on me as I was wandering the streets of Englewood looking for a drunken Sunshine, who had wandered off without saying anything. Since he liked the band so much though, I thought that I would let him know that they were playing and invited him to join me. I really need to learn how to stop being so nice. All it does is get me into situations that irritate me.

We drove up the mountain Saturday evening, and the ride was long. I was digging for things to talk about, and kept coming up with nothing. The plan was that we were going to go to the show, then camp out and go kayaking in the morning. We got there before dark, and thinking that he knew the area, I wasn’t concerned. After driving around for almost 3 hours looking for a campground, we finally find it and not only is it full, it’s pouring. So I say, “let’s just go to the show and worry about it later.”

So we go to the show, which was awesome. I was right up front in front of the bass player, and just sang and danced, and had a great time. Roger has a charisma about him that just makes listening to his drunken ramblings so much fun. What was a little scary though, was that once everyone started dancing, the floor was rolling like we were all going to fall through at any moment. I was seeing the headlines flashing through my head “Floor collapses at 8150, no survivors found.” Yes, that’s a little overdramatic, but the floor was really going like we were in the middle of a hard earthquake. So the show was good, but I was super apprehensive, just waiting for him to try and put the moves on me again, which ruined my ability to just kick back and have a great time.

After the show, we ended up parking just outside the campground and decided to sleep in the car. I swear at one point, he was trying to cuddle me, but I didn’t know if I was dreaming or not. I had wished it wasn’t raining so I could just sleep outside on the ground.

The next morning, I woke up and wandered around with the camera, but wasn’t feeling particularly inspired, so returned to the car. We went kayaking in Gore Creek, which runs through Vail. I did okay for it being my first time on moving water (I’ve only run on lakes prior to this), until I got pinned under a log jam and went under and couldn’t get out of my boat. All I had running through my mind at that point was, “I’m going to drown in three feet of water!” So then I spent the rest of my day just waiting. Sitting in the rain, in wet gear, just waiting. He brilliantly forgot to note where I got out of the water to come pick me up, so he was driving around for an hour and a half on the wrong road looking for me. I was sooo irritated. So at 3:00 when he handed me his keys and said, “here, take my car back and I’ll ride back with my friend,” I was hoping he didn’t notice how fast I peeled out of the parking lot to get home.


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