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What changed?

June 14, 2005

While I was gone, I sent a few text messages back and forth with my guy friend, formerly ex-friend, that I’ve mentioned. Something’s changed, and I don’t know what, but it’s starting to bug me. In the month between the time that we made up and the night I went to his house when my car was broken into, he barely talked to me, and it was pulling teeth to get him to respond to me, which only irritated him. I had written him off at that point. Even after I saw him last, I didn’t expect to hear from him.

Then, before I left, we were trying hard to get together to BBQ, since the weather has been so nice, but Monday I told him maybe another week, since I was leaving for Seattle on Wednesday. Wednesday afternoon, I sent him one to tell him that Julia and I were planning on hitting Famous Dave’s one night for dinner, which is one of his favorite restaurants. He sent back, “good luck getting food, they don’t open ’til August.” (We are getting one here and he’s stoked about it.) I sent back, “well, I figured I’d go to the one in Tacoma, seeing as they do have food, and I’m here, so it’ll be easier to get to.” Then Saturday, I get another text from him inviting me to join his friends at the Renaissance fair on Sunday. I replied with, “this Sunday, as in tomorrow?” and he sends back, “duh!” I told him I was still in Seattle, but to have fun and we’d get together soon.

So aside from the fact that he didn’t seem to get that I was out of town and kept inviting me out, I am left to wonder what’s changed? Not that I don’t appreciate the new effort to be friends again, I just don’t get why it’s seemingly overnight that he’s back to the old friend I once remembered. I guess it doesn’t matter, but part of me is left feeling a little curious.


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