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Fallen Angels

June 7, 2005

So after Xeroda pointed how well I juxtaposed “White Daisy” with “Chance of going to Hell” in my bio, I also noticed that my new skin credits “Fallen Angel Designs.” I’m wondering if this is more than a coincidence. It does remind me of a funny story to share.

As a precursor to my story, it should be known that I am a bit accident prone. As evidenced in this post.

Back when I was a church-going gal (read: when I still lived at home and my mom made me go), every Christmas, we put on a live nativity out in front of the church. It wasn’t one where we actually sat there for hours on end in the freezing cold, but we acted it out as someone narrated the story. Until you were in junior high, you got assigned sucky generic parts: kids, shepherds, angels. Then when you were old enough, you were assigned one of the prime roles: Joseph, Mary, innkeeper, head angel, head shepherd, or one of the wise men. There weren’t that many of us, so they just rotated the roles year after year so almost everyone ended up having played each of the parts by the time we became too cool to participate.

My first year, I was the head shepherd. This was the role assigned to the “rookies.” If it was your first year in a starring role, this is what you got stuck with. My job was to keep the sheep from wandering off and keep the little shepherds by the campfire. A seemingly simple task to most. I, however, managed to catch my little coat thingy on fire and had to be extinguished in the middle of the play.

The next year, in an effort to keep me away from the fire hazard, they let me be Mary. All I had to do was sit on the donkey as Joseph led it across the stage. I fell off halfway to the inn.

The next year, keeping me away from flames and animals, I was the head angel. My part: to come out on cue, step on to the riser, have a light shone in my face while I mouthed the words. I accomplished that part just fine. The light went off, I turned to step off the riser, stepped on my dress, and fell face first into the ice. It was so funny, I had to laugh, but didn’t want to interrupt the show, so I was trying to stifle it. Well, since I didn’t get up, everyone thought I was hurt, so they stopped the show and came over to make sure I was okay. I was, but ever since then, I’ve been known as the fallen angel.

Needless to say, that was the last year that I participated in the nativity. After that, I was in charge of the cookies for the reception we had afterward.


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