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Can I take a nap now?

May 31, 2005

This was quite the whirlwind weekend. Since I didn’t have any time to blog about it as it was happening, you’re going to get it in classic Eunice style, which means one long post with all the details.


Wow, all I can say was this was one great experience. I came home Friday after work and tried to force myself to sleep, but that just wasn’t happening, so I got all of an hour of sleep before I headed up to the shoot. I had no idea what to expect, but it was a ton of fun. I ended up getting cast as a concession worker, which involved me carrying around the same bucket of popcorn for two hours. Back and forth, back and forth. Between shots though, we got to chat and goof around, and there were some really cool people there. Then I got handed a speaking role as the ticket girl. I say to the guy. “Hey…are you ok?” and he says yes and then runs to the bathroom. The whole film (it’s a 10 minute short film) is about a guy on a blind date who has a small bathroom problem at the movies. So that’s my 15 minutes…er, 30 seconds, of fame. It’ll be online in the fall, so I’ll link up to it then. Oh, and the star of the film was a hottie. I’m guessing he’s about 23 or else I would be all about e-mailing him and asking if he’s available. I have a thing against dating younger guys. I just don’t like it.


After coming home from the movie shoot, getting exactly three hours of sleep, then driving halfway to the Atlantic Coast, I found the CORE 4×4 park, which I was “hired” (I say it that way because I didn’t get paid) to shoot and write an article on the grand opening of this off road park way out in the middle of nowhere Colorado. I actually had a lot of fun, but felt a little out of place, seeing as my Honda was one of only a few cars there, and I believe the only import. I took a bunch of pictures of the mud races, the rock climbing, the ATV’s, and the motocross tracks. It was fun, I got sunburned, and I was ready for a nap when I got home. I got exactly another three hours of sleep before I was woken up by this nice guy I met a few weeks ago who invited me up for margaritas at the Rio downtown. The Rio serves the best marg’s I’ve ever had, but the limit is 3, and for a good reason.


So I met this guy a few weeks ago at the Make-A-Wish Foundation benefit I went to right before Mother’s Day. It was the day after I injured myself, so I sat in the corner with my leg on a chair, watching my friends have fun dancing. This guy I guess took pity on me, and came and talked to me. He was really nice, and despite his admission that he doesn’t like baseball (what is wrong with these guys?), I thought he was pretty cool. He seemed a bit older, but it was dark and I really couldn’t tell. I gave him my number anyway, and he called Saturday night to go for drinks with some friends. Despite the fact that I was running on zero sleep, it sounded good to go out, so I did. As I drove up there, I was talking to Julia, and decided that I would be smart and try to take the shortcut that I remembered taking before to get to downtown, but I ended up getting lost in a scary part of town instead, so I was already running late, and it took me having to get off the phone (yes, I’m one of those annoying people that drives and talks on the phone), then circling around downtown Denver three times and 45 minutes later before I got to the right street. As I drove around looking for a lot that took credit cards, since I only had $3 cash on me, I pulled into one I remembered parking in once before. There was a lady standing near the pay meter with her three kids, looking like she was waiting for someone to bring her money for the meter. But, since she wasn’t at the meter, I stepped in front of her and tried to pay, but she already had it ready to go. I looked at her, cleared it out, and tried again, only to realize I’d parked on the wrong side of the lot. So I moved my car, walked back up to the meter, and she had the thing all ready to go again. So then I was all pissed off because I was like, “this lady is totally trying to scam me for free parking!” So I paid, left my car, and as I walked off, they were still hanging out, and I felt uncomfortable knowing that they had just seen me leave my car. I brushed it off as paranoia and went on to have a great time. I met the guy, who was older…in his mid-forties, I would guess, and if he’s not, then aging well is not on his side. Still, he was nice, as were all of his friends. I even ran into one of my customers. Small world. So we had a great time, went and hung out, then all of us went back to this guy’s apartment, since he lived right downtown. As the crowd started to dissipate, I just got a bad feeling that he was wanting more from me than I was willing to give, so I left and practically ran back to my car.


And yet, I wasn’t surprised. They busted out my passenger’s side window and stole my stereo. Here’s the funny thing. My stereo is a piece of crap. It doesn’t play CD’s very well anymore, the display just blinked out like a week ago, and doesn’t play at all if it gets too hot. We had talked about putting a new one in for years, but figured the car wasn’t worth much, so no big deal. So really, the joke’s on them! Ha ha ha. What’s weird is they didn’t take any of the CD’s that were in the car, they didn’t take the money I had in the ash tray (a couple of ones and a buttload of change), they didn’t take my nice tools out of the back, or my box of stuff I had shipped home from Seattle and had forgotten to take out of the car. They just took the crappy stereo and that was it. Now what’s even funnier is that my car isn’t exactly the nicest. It’s a 1990 Honda Civic and looks like it has psoriasis. So for anyone to assume that I had a stereo worth stealing, that’s just humorous. So I call the police, and they tell me to go to their website and file a report. Perhaps the guy wasn’t listening, but I did tell him that I was in my car in downtown Denver. Apparently, I was to fabricate a computer from thin air. So I called the insurance company as I headed home, but instead of going home, I for some reason, went to my friend’s house instead.


Don’t ask me why. And while you’re not asking, don’t ask why he answered the door at 3:30 in the morning. I told him what happened, and then let out all my frustrations on him as he sat there, half asleep. I don’t think that he even heard half of what I said. I fell asleep on his couch, and woke up in the morning with a hell of a hangover. We talked again in the morning, but by then, I wasn’t in the mood, so I just left. I think screaming and hitting him and throwing a fit was easier when I was still slightly inebriated. I had so much I wanted to say while I had the captive audience, but I left without saying a word and I hope that was that. I really don’t want to see him again unless he is the cool, fun friend he once was to me, not this cold, mean person he is to me now.


So then I went home, laid on the couch and watched all of the 4th season of “The Surreal Life” on VH1. It was hours and hours, and I could not turn it off. Funny how one can get sucked into those shows so easily. I needed sleep. I had less than 12 hours of sleep in 48 hours’ time, I needed it. But I laid there and fought sleep to watch crappy TV. I was hooked. I decided that Mini Me is a prick, Marcus Shenckenberg is still hot, and I still don’t know if Chyna the wrestler was once a man. That’s what came of my Saturday. Then the guy that I had seen the night before called to invite me to the lake. Seeing as it was thundering, lightning and raining, the lake didn’t sound good even if I hadn’t been hungover and tired. Then he told me that he really liked me and wanted me to stay the night. I told him I knew that, and that’s why I had left. So then he starts talking in circles, which bugs the crap out of me, asking why I went out if I wasn’t interested in him. I told him that he was a nice person and I thought I had made new friends. He said he wanted more than that, and if I didn’t want that, he wasn’t okay being friends. I was like, “whoa, yet another eerie parallel to Julia’s life, this guy wants all or nothing. Boo.” So I said fine, goodbye then. At that moment, my own life was feeling pretty surreal. Time for the nice guys to come back!! I’m done with all the creepy ones.


Then I finally forced myself to get some sleep, since I had to go back to the movie thing again that night to finish up. I got home again early in the morning, but this time, I had no trouble sleeping and slept most of the day yesterday, even though I was expecting company. My old roommate from college was staying the night with me so I could take her to the airport this morning. So I got up around noon and scrambled to get a day’s worth of housework and homework done in a matter of hours. I didn’t quite finish, but I faked it well enough. We stayed up until 1 am just talking, and finally managed to get some rest. I haven’t seen her in seven years and it was good to just catch up.

Total amount of sleep in the past four days: 22 hours. I guess that’s not too bad. I also drank 3 pots of coffee. We’ll see what time today I totally hit the skids.

Now it’s back to the grind. Ugh. I wish I was a millionaire. I’d make a great one.


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