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Random thoughts

May 27, 2005

During my 30 minute commute to work, I tend to have a lot of random thoughts running through my head. Among them this morning:

I don’t get rush hour traffic in Denver. Seattle and Denver are both notorious for their bad traffic. Seattle can blame it on all the water, there’s really no way to go around it, and so all the roads are built one way. Denver’s problem is that every major thoroughfare is under construction. So that’s what lends to the traffic problem. But here’s what I don’t get: In Seattle, traffic is generally bad in the morning heading into Seattle, and in the afternoon, heading out of Seattle. But here, it’s totally the opposite. As I fly up the road that parallels I-225, I see that traffic is completely stopped going southbound. In the evening coming home, I can see I-25 as I pull into my driveway, and it’s stopped heading northbound into Denver. Are there no jobs in the city? That is so weird to me.

Why does Wyoming still count as a state? Is there anyone there? I was driving behind a car this morning with Wyoming plates…I think that it’s the only state that still has only four characters on its license plates. Why? Because there’s nobody there! When I moved, Julia and I marveled at the complete lack of any sign human life as we drove through Wyoming. I think the antelope outnumbered the people.

I’m looking forward to this movie gig tonight. I’m wondering what it’ll be all about. I won’t be getting any sleep in the next 24 hours though. The shoot is from 1-7am. I doubt I’ll get any sleep this afternoon beforehand, but I’m going to try.

I booked a wedding for the end of the summer this morning. I’m excited. I also have a photography gig tomorrow. I am getting no sleep this weekend.

It’s not fair that I drive by a beautiful lake on my way to work in the morning, and I can see a few boats out there. It makes me want to turn around, go home and play hookey. Selling plastic bags is getting pretty boring. But my boss is so awesome, I don’t even want to quit.

I found gas for $1.92/gal 10 miles from my house. The cheapest I have seen lately is $2.02 at the station by work. I think it’s worth the drive to save the money.


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