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Old friends, new memories

May 23, 2005

After the way the weekend began, I had the best day yesterday. I needed it. I met up with my old roommate from when I first went to college (those that know me know that I’ve been in college for the past 8 years, and still am plugging away at it.), as well as the girl who lived across the hall. I haven’t seen either of them for 7 years, but we met up and it was just like old times. I couldn’t even believe it. We all looked the same, and we all talked like it was just the other day that we last hung out. It was amazing.

My old roommate lives in Pennsylvania now, but her family still lives out here, and the other girl lives about 40 miles from me just north of Denver, so I plan to see them both more regularly.

It was so weird to catch up with old friends. Julia has been doing a lot of this lately, and she was telling me how nice it was to get in touch with people that you’ve just lost touch with, no real falling out of sorts. It’s kinda nice!

So I went from having no plans (well, I had plans, but then the guy I’m not dating ditched me to go to Havasu for the weekend with friends), to now having to decide on going to the wedding of one up in the mountains (Evergreen), or go to the graduation of my roommate’s younger brother in southern Colorado. I feel kind of weird going to either, but they both begged me to come, so now it’s back to having choices! Pretty cool. If I go south, I can visit our old stomping grounds, perhaps make a trip to the Purple Pig, the ONLY bar in Alamosa. Or at least, it used to be.


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