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May 12, 2005

So I’ve been having some random adventures the past few weeks that I have failed to report, so I thought that today, I’d throw them all in one post and mix up the topic a bit. I’m sure you are all tired of reading about my wacky relationship issues.

So a couple of weeks ago, I went to the store to buy food and make some dinner. I had a craving for the shrimp scampi that I like to make, so that was one of the things on my list. One of the ingredients, of course, was white wine. Keep in mind that I just moved from a wine producing state, where you go to the store and have a wine selection so big you just don’t know what to do with yourself. So I get through with all of my shopping and head over to the wine department. Which, in most Safeway stores is between the beer and bread aisles. I get there, and there’s no wine. So I meander over to the deli/fancy cheese area. No wine. So I think, maybe, just maybe, it’s by the produce for some reason. No wine. So then I start at one end of the store and walk up and down every single aisle, and no wine. And I think, how odd, a store that doesn’t carry wine. So I check out, and because the cashier at this particular Safeway has obsessive compulsive disorder and he freaks me out, I avoid all eye contact and say nothing about not being able to find the wine. Instead, I head up the street to Albertson’s and perform the same routine. Still no wine, so I decide to head to the liquor store. I walk in the door and what do you know, an oasis of wine! The entire store is wine! So I find what I need, see that it’s $3/bottle more expensive than in Washington, and proceed to the checkout, where I ask the guy, “is it just me or can you only buy wine at the liquor store?” After the “you just grew two heads” look dissipated from his face, he told me yeah, pretty much the only thing you can buy at the store is cheap beer. It took me almost two years to adjust to not being able to buy liquor at the grocery store when I moved to Washington, now I can’t even buy wine? This should be fun.

I volunteered to be an extra in a short independent film. That should be interesting. We shoot on the 27th, and all I have to do is be a “regular moviegoer.” I found the gig on craigslist, where I seem to be finding all kinds of cool stuff these days. I’ll report back about the experience.

As for the photography, I’m trying to network and just get my name out there. I found a darkroom, so I’ll be back in there as soon as I can afford to pay the monthly membership fee. I’m looking forward to it. I am hoping to get another photography gig, I should hear back in the next day or so. It’s for a new four-wheeling park that’s opening up Memorial Day weekend. That should be interesting. I am going to take the guy I’m dating/not dating out there with me, since he’s really into dirt biking and they are building a new motocross track out there too. Should be fun.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this or not (I suppose I could look back through some old posts, but I’m lazy…oh, and I’m “working”), but I did find myself a second job working as a chef and banquet server at a local golf course. I think that will be a ton of fun as I love food and I love parties. At one point in my life, I wanted to own a restaurant and become a chef, so this will be a great opportunity for me. Maybe a new career path so I can stop being “the bag lady” (for those of you that don’t know, I sell bags as a profession).

I return to Seattle next week for work, and I’m excited to see everyone again. What I’m not looking forward to is seeing James, since even though I promised not to let the incident interfere with our working relationship, I can’t stand the thought of him, much less the sight of him, so I’ll have to be a good actress that day. The whole tenant thing continues to be a nightmare…as in, they have been living there a month and a half, and have only given me part of one month’s rent. Yay. So I’m looking to see what I can do to evict them, and if I do, I’m just going to sell the damn thing. It’s too much of a hassle to keep going like this, and not worth the future investment that I would get from it. I’d rather have my sanity right now.

I finished another class, so I only have 11 more to go before I graduate, finally, with my degree that I have no idea what I’m going to do with.

I went out last Wednesday to this bar called Stampede. It is what it sounds like, a country bar. It’s pretty cool the way it’s set up, feels like a big ol’ barn dance. It also happened to be ladies’ night, which means no cover and free beer for the women that come out. I took this to my advantage, ending up incredibly hammered, giving out my number to an array of guys, even drunk dialing myself. When they all started calling me a few days later, I don’t even know who was who. Really. One guy keeps calling me all pissy because I haven’t returned his calls. I think by now, he should get that I’m not going to.

Oh, and I discovered that Jack-in-the-Crack does not exist here. While they have many of my other favorite fast food restaurants, such as Sonic and Carl’s Jr., there is no Jack-in-the-Box. Boo.


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