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Photo shoot

April 16, 2005

My first attempt at commercial photography went well. I walked in there, pretended that I had more than a thumbprint of a clue as to what I was doing, and went to work. The task was shooting some promo photos for the Colorado Car Auction, whose current theme is cowboy western.

The girls arrived, all ready to go, some of them more experienced than others, but they really did all the work. Other than moving a bunch of cheesy backdrops around and clicking the camera, I didn’t do much. I think that most of them are going to turn out well.

The VP of Colorado Bunnies liked me and the way I worked with the girls, as he hired me to work at the actual event on Tuesday. I’m really excited and hope that this may be the big career change my horoscope has been alluding to recently.

I’ll post pictures when I get them back.

A quick update, before I head off to bed, I got an e-mail tonight when I got home, and I have a job in the morning, doing another shoot for this guy. I have to say that I couldn’t be happier.


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