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March 25, 2005

I seem to have a knack for attracting needy people. It’s almost as if they can sense the fact that I am an unconditionally compassionate person and glom on to me. It really is one of my weaknesses; I let these people into my life and then can’t get rid of them. Part of me feels sorry for them that they are so pathetic that they need to parasite off of others in order to live a life that makes them feel worthy.

What’s funny is that the one human trait that bothers me to no end is the high-maintenance person. I can’t stand it, I hate to be around it, and yet, I feed into it by responding when these kinds of people come running to me.

The problem with needy people is that when they need you, they expect you to be there for them. But when you need them, they somehow manage to turn the situation back to them, even if they don’t need it. As much as I have tried to remove friends like that from my life, I was shown today that I still have a few that suck the life out of me. The truly pathetic thing is, I let it happen.


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